Ukrainian population map

There’s been a lot of international traffic around one of my earlier articles with a map of the Ukraine.

Since the map was made, Russia has invaded Crimea and several other regions are not as peaceful as one could wish.

The map was made as an example of how to use census data in maps, and the process was explained in the following article (which few has read).

So! Here is an international version of the map, with texts in English and the sources to the map included in the map layout.


You can also get a PDF version if you like that better.

I’d like to stress that the census data is from 2001 and the national demographics naturally has changed in the past 13 years.

It’s also in its place to clarify (as comments to the article has pointed out) that having russian as your native language does not make you a Russian! I hope that this can make it easier for my international visitors to understand the map and the sources behind it.

Footnote: I’ve added links to this page from the original articles.

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